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Combat Samurai Island Schools and Clans

Currently there are 8 schools and 2 divisons in C:SI. Before you are able to join the Samurai Island Warriors group and are officially recongized as a samurai on the islands you'll need to first join one of these groups.

Organization/School name: Order of Black paw (inactive)
Master: Vetto Memorial
(contact if you wish to join)

Description:A Ninja Theme group meant for thous of us who have paws and Tails. Who are willing to sit down and Train others.
Mission/Goals: To bring the fun Of SI to the Furry and Nekkio world.
Quote: "What better to work in the shadows then thouse who see in it"


Organization/School name: Harukoken (inactive)
Master: Kitsumez Goodlife
This group is inactive.

Description: Harukoken = sword of the spring child


Organization/School name: Sword Collectors

Masters: Kaladorph Drago and Draconis Neurocam
(contact if you wish to join)

Description: We are very serious about training and an elite few through their skills ever make it into an officer of the group.
Mission(goals): We hope to train fighters to have honor in and out of the ring and to live Bushido to its fullest.
Quote:"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless--like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash! Be water my friend." Bruce Lee


Organization/School name: Shadow Samurai
Masters: Shade Cain, Sephiroth Apogee, Julia vavoom
(contact to join)
Description: Shadow samurai is an organization to establish training for our members and trainees, we mentor and screen potential members to become part of the clan , we also have a dojo to allow members to get the best out of what Shadow Samurai has to offer. I don't accept childish behavior or dishonorable kills, you get one warning if you do. And If a clan leader is contacted by a Samurai official about you're behavior or dishonor, you will be ejected no questions asked.
Mission(goals): To work hard at becoming well learned in our ways of combat with the blade, and to fight with honor.
Quote: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. -Buddha

Greatest respect to whom this may concern....
Organization/School name: Asano Clan | Ako Roshi "Wandering Samurai"
Master: Cypher Fastback
(im to join)
Description: "Wandering Samurai" of the Asano clan. Roleplayers looking to be a subordinate need not join. This is a RONIN clan. Tradesmen and Monks who are more interested in learning true knowledge of LSL, Building and other attributes opposed to merely playing with swords.
Mission(goals):The Seven Virtues: Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor and Loyalty.

Quote:"Bushido is a code unuttered and unwritten. Victory and defeat have no importance in bushido"


Organization/School name: ~Kabuki-Mono~
Elders: Brandon Dragonfly, Samus Fardel, Ivan Mauriac, Niemack Saarinen, and Dael Kamloops
(contact one if you wish to join)
Description: We run a tight rp group so for those of you who don't like to rp(role playing) this group is not for you...(more in notecard in world)
Mission(goals): Too apprenctice masterless samurai, and become truely powerful. Teaching masterless samurai the true ways of the Kabuki-Mono.
Quote: "Great Power come from the loyalty and honor you have towards the clan"

Organization/School name:Art of the Dragon Fang (inactive)
Master: squall Murakami
(contact if you wish to join)
Description: a group of people who learn from each other to improve their overall battle skill.
Mission(goals):to learn the best form of swordsmanship by sharing techniques and knowledge.
Quote: To know and to act are one and the same.

Organization/School name: Animaru Genin
Keign Pirandello - Shinobi Shujin, Founder
Haddock Trenchmouth - Shinobi Shujin, Dojo Master
Tanuki Cyclone - Kunoichi Shujin, Aug '06
Ishmael Ren - Shinobi Shujin, Prodigy
Alayna Kolache - Kunoichi Shujin, Recruiter

Descrption: Fast becoming the strongest ninja-themed group on Samurai Island, devoted to teaching others the way of blade and shadow. While our group is primarily furry based, humans and demi-humans are gladly accepted.
Mission: To train the strongest and brightest fighters of Samurai Island and bring recognition to the ninja arts. We teach basic swordfighting techniques to any who show an interest in Samurai Island combat and will teach more advanced swordplay as well as the secrets of our school to those that pledge their loyalty to the school.
Quote: We hide not in the shadows for we are the darkness that looms before the final hour.
Yushi - Warrior
Tashi - Expirienced Warrior
Renshi - Polished Warrior
Shinobi / Kunoichi - Ninja
Shinobi Meijin / Kunoichi Meijin - Ninja Master
Shinobi Shujin / Kunoichi Shujin - Supreme Ninja Master

Organization/School name: Ginkaze
Master (Primary): Arrekusu Muromachi
Masters (Secondary): Stargazer Diller, Arkloyd Faulkner
Qualifications: New students must be approved through Arrekusu Muromachi or Arkloyd Faulkner.
Description: Ginkaze...The Silver Wind. A collection of new warriors to the art of the blade. Note, this school is a furry oriented one. Humans/Demi-Humans accepted but must be screened due to trouble in the past from one former student.
Mission(goals): To teach those who do not use the blade the basic fundamentals of sword combat and allow each to develop their own unique style of combat. Most training is self training after the fundamentals are learned.
Quote: "One must use the blade as an extension of one's self."


Organization/School name: Vanguard Samurai
Master:Tyrant Laffer
(im to join)
Description:We are at the moment a small clan at the moment but our goals are not.
Mission(goals):We want to train our members to be some of the best fighters in CSI by shareing our divers skills and knowledge. We wish to set a good example and make CSI exciting for new comers and veterns alike.


Blogger Alex Vulpnine said...

I must stress this. The Ginkaze is a Furry school and as master, I will allow humans in only if they prove they are worthy enough to be in the ranks of the Ginkaze. Out of a personal matter, I had one human student within the Ginkaze that implied that they were better than any fur out there.

8:19 AM  
Blogger KatanaBlade Anubis said...

Furry Samurai's are just so cute!
So funny to see something so cute kick ass of someone 3 times their size.

10:03 AM  

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