Wednesday, August 16, 2006

C:SI Event: Samurai Island School Showdown

Clan/School Tournament
Monday 21st 2006 7:00pm SL time

On Monday there will be a tournament between the C:SI clans/schools. The winning clan/school will recieve 5,000 linden in prize money to be used as they see fit. All schools are expected to particpate.

Schools/Clans will provide a member to fight in each round. Though, they may decide whether or not to have a member fight the entire time or have a team taking turns per round.
There will be 3 matches per division, and then a final battle between the two division champion.

There will also be several rounds of Ayame Mushashi's Master's Treasure game that will be open to the public with various amounts of prize money that will go to each rounds winners.

The public is welcome but we ask no other fighting occur while the tournament is going on and that laggy script attachments are limited. So we can have as smooth an event as possible.

On another note, Kitsumez Goodlife's school Harukoken is leaving Samurai Island and disbanding because of real life responsibilities. We all wish Kitsumez good luck in the future, and safety. Good Bye!


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