Wednesday, August 02, 2006

*** RULES ***

Welcome to Combat:Samurai Island

Please read all of the rules. lack of knowledge of the rules is no excuse for bad behavior.

#1: Warning! If you are in the battlegrounds you are fair game!
If you are inside the battlegrounds, you are fair game and can be attacked at anytime. If you are going to walk away from the keyboard or stand and chat, you do so at your own risk!

Admins will not respond to complaints about being attacked in the battlegrounds. Admins will only respond to reports of serious griefing or cheating!

#2: Outside scripted objects.
Outside scripted objects, defined as any objects that are not specificly made by the C:SI Team for use in the battlegrounds, are not allowed.

This includes, but is not limited to: guns, bombs, cagers, trapping devices, push guns and push devices, orbiters, teledash and teleporting devices, shields, star wars force powers (considered a trapping and/or push device), non-physical movers, channel scanners, flight assist devices that allow you to fly in the no-fly zone (The battlegrounds are no-fly for a reason), and any device that gives you an unfair advantage in a fight.

Guns should never be wielded, even if they don't have scripting, others may draw their guns if they see yours out. Wearing guns on other parts of your body as decoration is fine.

AO are allowed but ONLY while not in a fight, unless the AO only has poses/animations that DO NOT override those of the sword.

A walking or running animation is acceptable.
A standing animation that keeps your opponent from knowing when your attacking, is NOT acceptable.

#3: If you rez objects, clean up after yourself.
The Battlegrounds are not a sandbox. If you leave your things lying around, they will be deleted or returned. If you are a repeat offender, you will be banned for disrupting the battlegrounds. Respect the area, and the area will respect you!

4#: No combat in the shopping area outside the battlegrounds.
DO NOT attack customers who are shopping in the commercial areas of either Samurai Island or Samurai Tokyo. Doing so will be considered griefing and you will be banned.

If you simply want to spar with friends outside of the battlegrounds, you can (until further notice) use the Japanese Gardens area in the South West corner of the sim. This area is for everyone to enjoy, not just people fighting, so be respectful of anyone else who might be a guest of the gardens. Please keep all combat inside the battlegrounds or the japanese gardens.

A warning for first time offense may be given, but don't count on it!

IMPORTANT: DO NOT contact KatanaBlade Anubis with anything other than serious griefing. She is the owner of the sims and will only handle serious griefing issues. Direct all other issues to one of the three admins.

KatanaBlade Anubis (Island Owner)
Archanox Underthorn (C:SI Admin)
Ayame Musashi (C:SI Admin)
Esprite Xavier (C:SI Admin)