Monday, July 10, 2006

C:SI school apllication

Thank you for your intrest in becoming an official school at recognized at Samurai Island. Schools will serve as a method to "train" those who want to enter the Samurai Island Warriors group. As well as provide means for brand new elements in the combat system!.
When you have completed this applcation, please send it to Esprite Xavier. Only a limited number of schools will be selected, please keep this in mind when filling this application out.
Organization/School name:Logo: *texture here* please provide full permsMaster:Qualifications:
Current/Potential members:
Though you may establish your own rules within your schools keep in mind the following.
As a school/clan master or leader, you will play the role of a mentor. Preparing your "students" for membership in the samurai island warriors group. Where they will be recognized as official samurai on samurai island. There will be several schools, though we will limit the number of active ones to be below 40 at all times.
Thus ask you do not turn away students who ask for entry however if you find they are better suited for another group, then it may be wise to advise them to change the school they attend.
Seven virtues associated with Bushido
Gi - Rectitude Yu - Courage Jin - Benevolence Rei - Respect Makoto or - Shin- Honesty Meiyo - Honor,Glory Chugi - Loyalty
All students must be an active member of your schools group for at least a week before they are allowed to be a be considered for membership in samurai island warriors.
We ask you take this time to determine their maturity, use your own judgment as to how long they need to be "trained". In the future they will represent your group, and any wrong they commit will be reflected on your entire group. Let them know who to respect and how they are expected to behave. (For example if your student is disrespectful to the the sim owner, that will not be tolerated....its generally a bad idea whether your a samurai or not..).
Remember we do not allow use of 3rd party objects to get an advantage. We will leave this up to the schools to monitor. However if an applicant was knowingly submitted that cheats, the school/clan may lose its recognition as an official school/clan. Fire arms are also not allowed.
We encourage you to instill a sense of pride within your schools, and a friendly rivalry with others. However any unwarranted hostility will not be tolerated! Do not allow your members to act in a way that would be considered dishonorable.In the end we are all samurai island warriors.
As we continue to develop this combat system, support for schools will expand, making their roles more important. Maybe even expanding to having events centered around school rivalry.
Thank you for your interest in becoming an officially recognized school of Samurai Island Warriors! We will notify you if your application is approved. If necessary we may IM you with additional questions.